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“Until the day you die,
you are able to evolve into the best version of yourself.
This begs the question, why not evolve?”

What is possible for someone else is possible for you, too. As long as you believe in the possibility.

Challenge yourself to go beyond your limits.

In a single year, with the right tools, you can grow, evolve, and change to overcome the barriers that hold you back.

Our job is to deliver you those tools.

Takamasa Ikeda Official Website
Takamasa Ikeda Official Website


Takamasa Ikeda

  • President, Open Platform Inc.
  • Researcher in Leadership and Behavioral Psychology

As a university student, Takamasa Ikeda played an integral role in the launch of several new venture businesses and always believed in the importance of “psychology” in business.

Ikeda has studied the teachings and techniques of several renowned experts on leadership psychology. Additionally, he has arranged their works in a way that is simple and easy to use in a Japanese business environment.

After graduating, he established Open Platform Co., Ltd. and currently runs a school for entrepreneurs, business owners, and business leaders.

Ikeda has created an original method to achieve successful business results that integrates the “psychology of creating emotions and behavior” with the “Eastern study of enhancing human potential,” which has been featured in many books and magazines. Ikeda has received high praise from managers and executives across the country for his sincerity and dedication to continuous learning. He also has received acclaim for his courses that make use of his vast, accumulated knowledge.

He has written twelve books, including “Hardening Your Resolve: A Translation of the Teachings of Yoshida Shoin ”, “The Encyclopedia of Motivation”, “QUEST: How to Produce Immediate Results and Take Action”, and “Memories from the Future”, which have sold more than 650,000 copies.


  • Change the World College (CWC)

    The membership system offers the “Takamasa Ikeda Online Seminar (length: 2 hours)" once a month on a regular basis (video recording/text distribution will also be available). In addition, you will receive a "monthly magazine" with content based on the theme of the monthly seminar. This includes a PDF, an audiobook, and a "Q & A collection" in which Ikeda answers and posts questions from current members. In this way, you can have an ongoing and enriching academic relationship with Takamasa Ikeda.

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    Change the World College (CWC)
  • Online Video Program

    For 500 yen (5 videos included), this is a video program package that will change your life. These videos have been created to provide you with the clearest and easiest learning experience. With this accessible tool, anyone is capable of expanding their breadth of knowledge. ※You will receive the URL to all distributed videos immediately after purchasing.

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    Online Video Program
  • Books

    He has written twelve books, including “Hardening Your Resolve: A Translation of the Teachings of Yoshida Shoin ”, “The Encyclopedia of Motivation”, “QUEST: How to Produce Immediate Results and Take Action”, and “Memories from the Future”, which have sold over 650,000 copies. His books have long-running popularity and are loved by people not only in Japan but in other countries across the globe.

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  • SQ(Second Quadrant)

    SQ = second quadrant. The purpose of the second quadrant is for you to spend time on the things that are important to you but are not necessarily urgent. In order to attain your ideal future, it’s of the utmost importance that you have this invaluable time. We have prepared a dedicated environment for you to face this second quadrant. This will be the co-working space you need for the coming era.

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    SQ(Second Quadrant)
  • Idea Stock (Notebook)

    No matter how much you learn, or how much you read, there is no “value” in simply memorizing things as they are. It is through the process of writing and documenting your thoughts that the “value” of ideas are born. For this purpose, we have created a uniquely useful notebook to hone your idea generation and ensure your individual growth.

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    Idea Stock (Notebook)
  • Library (Online Salon)

    Those who know Takamasa Ikeda know that he is an avid reader. Perhaps it is more accurate to say that he is a voracious reader, whose literary consumption has reached an extraordinary level. Beyond the sheer amount of reading he has accomplished, Ikeda’s ability to decipher the texts he has read is truly masterful. Each day, he will share the contents of his mind in an online salon. Simply by reading Ikeda’s succinct summaries, you will have access to the knowledge and wisdom of over 1,000 books a year.

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    Library (Online Salon)

Last Message

There are lessons that can change your life. With just this knowledge, your life can turn around 180 degrees.

Whoever you may be, no matter your age or where you are, people are capable of change. There are methodologies, principles, and reproducible recipes for evolution.

My goal is to thoroughly pursue all possible paths and evolve together with this community.

A person has infinite potential.

Around the world, millions of techniques to unlock this potential are being explored.

My mission is to gather all of this information in one place and deliver them to you in an easy-to-understand manner.

We aim to create the best learning platform in all of Japan. As a result, this knowledge will circulate around the globe.

Takamasa Ikeda Official Website